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Presenting Your ‘Case’ with Technical Writing

8th February 2012 Posted in Blog, Documentation 1 Comment

Supreme Court - Image for Making a Case with Technical Writing

Because technical writing is a specialized field of communication, it’s clear that there are better ways to present information than you might with other types of written communication.  Documenting processes and actions requires a very clear approach to writing, one that allows the reader to fully utilize the piece of writing for a particular result.

 How to Present Your Writing

Using templates in technical writing is one way to make sure you’re creating a clear case for your chosen (or given) subject matter, but there are other ways to arrange your information so it can be used effectively.

  • Introduce the facts, then explain them – Start off by introducing what you’re going to talk about in your technical document.  Once you have introduced the facts, explain the steps that are necessary to take action.  At the end, summarize what you’ve said.
  • Break it up – Many times, technical writers and medical writers use headlines and shorter paragraphs to make documents easier to read.  Headers help show the reader where certain pieces of information are and shorter paragraphs keep the reader interested, ensuring that only the most important words are used.
  • Keep it objective – While this should not come as a surprise, the technical document should only contain facts, not opinions or speculation.

You want people to use your documentation, and that means presenting your case in a way that helps the reader.

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One Comment

  1. By Jenny Stewarton 9th, February 2012 at 5:32 am

    Yes! I agree with the writer that “technical writing is a specialized field of communication”. I like the way the writer has discussed the methods to be used to write quality, and impressive website content. I know there are different types of websites, few technical, few medical, and of course there are ecommerce sites. For each of these websites, you do not have to hire specialized content writers. I also agree that informative, and subjective technical content will do the job to promote websites. I also agree that technical content should always contain genuine facts, and figures to help the readers in troubleshooting technical issues.

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