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Quit Being Passive in Your Writing

11th September 2012 Posted in Blog, Writing 0 Comments

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The more you write, the more you begin to select phrases that you enjoy using. The longer you’ve written, the more your writing has a tendency to become, well, lazy.

You write about the same things over and over, and (sometimes), you just want to finish what you’ve started. So, you start to write without thinking about the passivity of your writing.

We’ve all done it and we’ll all do it again. But this doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to avoid being passive when you write an article, a paper, or some technical document.

  • Look at your verbs – Once you’ve written – or, as you’re writing – review the verbs you’ve used. Try to use verbs that clearly show the action taking place as this is the active voice.
  • Take your time – The best way to avoid passivity in your writing is to make enough time in your schedule. The more time you have, the more carefully you can consider each word.
  • Think about the vision – If your reader can’t visualize what is happening just from reading your writing, you need to make things more active.

Find ways to add in more demonstrative words that make the subject of the sentence DO something. Passive sentences will exist in articles (see?), and that doesn’t mean they’re incorrect. Rather, realize how much more powerful your writing can be when you choose active verbs.

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