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Sample Writers by Outsourcing for Talent

18th December 2013 Posted in Blog, Hiring Writers 0 Comments

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For some time now, you’ve known you needed to hire a writer (or multiple writers) to help you keep up with your writing needs.  In the meantime, you may have used employees at your company, and you may not have gotten the results you wanted. Perhaps someone left the company and you need to fill a gap.

It’s not their fault.  It’s not your fault.  But you need to look to people who are trained and experienced in professional writing.

This is where outsourcing through a trusted agency like Writing Assistance can come in handy for you and for your company.  Even if you’re nervous about hiring writers, outsourcing through a reputable agency – especially one that specializes in various types of writers – is a great way to sample the talent available and to see if this is a process that’s for you.

You can:

  • Hire multiple writers at once – You might want to hire a few writers to take on the same project so you can see how each one approaches the project. This will give you multiple options when it comes to the final product.  And you can then continue to work with this approach or you might turn to the successful writer in the future.
  • Try one writer at a time – If you’re not sure how outsourcing works, you might want to work with one writer and see if you can build a relationship with him or her. The writer will gain an understanding of your company and can continue to help you in the future.

Sample the writers available and see how they work for you.  You never know until you try.

To get started, just contact us and we can take it from there.

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