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September Issue of Intercom All About API Documentation

24th September 2014 Posted in Blog, Career Development, Documentation 0 Comments


The September, 2014 issue of Intercom, a publication of the Society for Technical Communication (STC), is devoted entirely to API documentation.

Experienced technical communicators know that API documentation is among the best paid fields in the industry. And, rightfully so. While most of us who started out in technical writing started with end-user documents, those who have a strong aptitude for programming often end up as API documentation specialists.

While Intercom is available with STC membership, someone has added the September 2014 issue of Intercom to Dropbox so it is available publicly (at least for the time being).

Topics include:

  • What is API Documentation?
  • How Do You Break Into API Documentation?
  • What Factors Contribute to Good API Documentation?
  • How Much Programming Do You Need to Know to Write API Documentation
  • How to Write Helpful Code Samples

If you’ve been thinking about broadening your career path into API documentation, or, if you just want to improve your skills in documenting APIs, you may find the issue to be a valuable resource.

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