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How Outsourced Writers Can Keep You Up to Date

21st February 2014 Posted in Blog, Hiring Writers, Staffing 0 Comments


If you’re a business owner or you hold a position of authority at your company, you know everything about your business.  You know the market, the audience, the challenges and the strategies that work.  However, even with all of this knowledge, you may not have stayed up to date with current writing standards or expectations in your industry.  There’s no need to worry, however, as you can outsource your writing talent and draw from your writer’s specific knowledge set to create documents that generate results.

What to Look for When Hiring a Writer

To find writers who meet your needs, you will want to look at their experience first.  Look to see what the writer has written recently and whether it suits your needs.  Talk to your writing candidates about what they feel is important in writing for your industry, and try to understand how they will interact with your needs.

Next, find out what they have read in your industry and what they know about current trends. Learn how up-to-date they are with the terminology of your field and how they have seen the writing change in your market.

Learn who they have worked with in the industry, even if they can’t give you the specific name due to non-disclosure agreements. Find out if they have already engaged in the current conversation in your market.

You don’t need to know everything about writing to hire a writer, but you do want to hire someone who is current with industry trends.  Find out what the writer knows and then let the writer figure out how to say it effectively.

How Writing Assistance, Inc. Can Help

If you are in need of an outsourced writer, you’ll want to contact us to make the process easier.

  • There is never a cost to you for a candidate search.
  • We listen to your requirements and assess your needs. We’ll then identify two to four qualified professionals and send you their resumes and hourly rates, all within just a few days.
  • After you have reviewed this information, you can elect to interview any of the candidates, as well as evaluate their samples/portfolios to choose the one that best suits your organization.
  • Billing does not begin until the candidate you select starts work on your project.

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