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Streamlining the Design Phase of Learning Projects

5th March 2014 Posted in Blog, Training & Development 0 Comments

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To create a successful learning project you need to have a solid design. Careful planning and design are usually done in the Design Document and/or the Storyboarding phase of a project. During this phase, templates are created, the audience is defined, outlines are created and the layout and activities for the course are addressed.

In her article, Using the CIA Method in Learning Projects, Cheryl Powell, an experienced Instructional Design & eLearning Specialist, explains the CIA method and provides additional tips and techniques that, when used properly (with the necessary time allocated to the project plan to implement them, of course), can save you major re-work and costs in the end.

Read: Using the CIA Method in Learning Projects and then leave a comment below with your thoughts on the CIA methodology and on streamlining learning projects in general.

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