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Taking Job Candidates’ Skills for a Test Drive

5th June 2014 Posted in Blog, Hiring, Management 0 Comments

Most managers would certainly test drive a car before they bought it. But how about test driving the skills of their next employee? Cars are assets that depreciate-sometimes, rapidly. Choosing the right new hire can result in acquiring an asset whose value can grow in time. But how do you go about test driving a job candidate?

In his article, Test Driving Your Next Employee’s Skills, Daniel Rieger looks at behavioral interviewing, a process where past performance can be a predictor of future performance. But he goes a step beyond that by moving past just a discussion of behavior into a demonstration of behavior.

Read: “Test Driving Your Next Employee’s Skills and then leave a comment below with your thoughts. As a manager or interviewer, have you tried behavioral interviews and do you see ways in which you might apply Rieger’s approach to test driving the skills of your next candidate?

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