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Teaching a Diverse Audience

19th November 2015 Posted in Blog, Training & Development 0 Comments

Image for Teaching a Diverse Audience PostTeaching in a multiple culture/multiple language classroom is the new reality.  It offers some unique challenges but is not impossible. The burden is on the instructor to create a classroom culture that is conducive to learning.  

In his article, The Global Classroom, Lester L. Stepheson, explains that success begins with the course introduction.  The introduction sets the tone for the entire class. A little more time getting to know each other at the beginning creates an atmosphere that unifies the class and promotes learning. A warm and friendly introduction where the teacher gets to know the students and vice versa goes a long way to overcoming disparities in culture and language.

In the article, Stephenson provides more ideas and tips on how to adapt teaching styles for students with culture and language differences from all over the world.

Read The Global Classroom and then leave a comment here with your thoughts. Have you encountered similar challenges in the classrom? How do you handle them?

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