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Tech Comm Around the World

9th May 2014 Posted in Blog, Documentation, Technology & Tools 0 Comments


Sarah Maddox, author, blogger and technical writer, has been working on a personal open source mapping project that shows technical communications activities–events, societies and more–around the globe. Sarah, who is the publisher of the technical writing and fiction ffeathers blog, explains the project in her post, Introducing Tech Comm on a Map.

The map shows at a glance centers of activities for Tech Comm around the world. Zoom in, or click on a circle in the location of interest and voila: information with dates, times, address and mapping. Just zoom out when you’re done and go back to global view.

The map’s source data is maintained in a Google Sheets spreadsheet. The map is updated instantly with each spreadsheet. Three other Google open source tools were used in the project:

  1. Google Maps JavaScript API
  2. Google Places Autocomplete widget
  3. Google Apps Script

Sarah says that she is planning to invite a few people to add more items and help keep the map up to date. She is also now working on v2 of the map and is looking for suggestions and ideas for enhancements and improvements.

To us, Sarah’s project is innovative and shows great promise for open source tools that are already available to make the world a better place. What are your thoughts on the idea? Please leave a comment below. She is looking for your feedback and invites you to leave your feedback on her post.

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