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Eliminating the End Game from Technical Publishing Deliverables

8th August 2013 Posted in Blog, Industry Articles, Technical Writers 0 Comments

Image for Eliminating the End Game from Technical Publishing Deliverables

When it comes time to “Just Publish It”, technical communicators may find themselves going through an end game to get the job done. The steps needed to get deliverables published electronically in a variety of formats can sometimes be seen as a tough job that someone has to do. If you could find a way to shorten and streamline the process, would you?

In this article, Alan J. Porter discusses how a properly designed and mapped publishing system can bring many significant benefits to any publishing organization, freeing writers to focus more on content. It can also help to develop a “lights-out / hands-off” publishing environment so that production runs can be made automatically outside normal working hours, thereby avoiding bottlenecks and balancing the use of computer resources.

Read: Eliminating the END GAME from Electronic Deliverables and then leave a comment here if you have found additional ways to streamline the technical publishing process for your electronic deliverables.

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