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Technical Writers and Specific Software Skills

22nd October 2015 Posted in Blog, Hiring Writers, Technical Writers 2 Comments

Being a technical writer requires a variety of skills, including great writing skills, strong technical skills in other areas, good interviewing and listening skills, and good people, time management, and project management skills. But some great tech writers lack experience with specific software that hiring companies may use in every day production. When adding a technical writer to your team, how strongly should you insist that a candidate have experience with specific software?

The article How Important are Specific Software Skills for a Technical Writer gives some insight on how important it is for a technical writer to learn a specific software tool and also discusses the dilemma hiring managers may face when choosing between a technical writer who has experience with specific software but hasn’t quite mastered it, or someone who lacks the experience but is eager to learn.

Read How Important are Specific Software Skills for a Technical Writer? and then leave a comment here with your thoughts. If you were faced with the choice, would you rather hire the writer who has specific software experience or a different candidate with perhaps better writing and people skills who is willing to learn the software?

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  1. By R Mon 22nd, October 2015 at 2:28 pm

    Experienced writers will have already worked with a number of software packages; it takes little time to get up to speed on a new one. Writing skills and ability to work with SMEs are much more important.

  2. By WAI_editoron 23rd, October 2015 at 8:05 am

    Great points, RM

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