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Technical Writers Who Support You Now – and Later

6th November 2013 Posted in Blog, Hiring Writers, Technical Writers 0 Comments

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When you’ve created technical documentation with the help of a skilled writer, you can have a mixture of emotions: relief, excitement, pride, and fear.  After you finish any project, you may be happy with the original deliverables, but as in all things technical and non-technical – things change.  If you’ve hired a technical writer to help you with documentation and things change in the future, where do you turn?

Many technical writers and technical writing companies offer ongoing support and updates.  This allows you to stick with a writer or a service that worked well for you in the past, while also helping you maintain an accurate document.

Before you hire a technical writer find out about:

  • The possibility of support and updates – Learn what you can expect in terms of response times for support and updates.  Many companies will offer quick support during emergencies, while others may have different policies.  Determine the best choice for you and your company’s needs.
  • The duration of the relationship – You may want to determine how long you can expect the support to happen and to be available, whether you need to pay for it, etc.
  • What happens if the company closes or the writer leaves – Of course, companies do close and writers do move onto other opportunities.  Ask about what happens then.

Consider Your Options

You need to have options when people are counting on your documentation to tell them what to do next. That could mean:

  • using a reliable technical writing firm with a proven track record that offers ongoing support,
  • developing a relationship with one or more contract technical writers whose work you trust or
  • partnering with a staffing agency that specializes in finding qualified writers for any industry, like Writing Assistance, Inc. You can be sure we’ll be here for you whenever the need arises.

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