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Technical Writing and Social Media: What’s the Connection?

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Communication evolved as soon as Facebook and Twitter became more popular. While they might have been used to talk with friends at first, they’ve become places where ideas are shared and where technology can change because of one comment. Though there are downsides to social media when it comes to productivity, technical writing teams can benefit from staying connected.

Here’s how.

Sharing Ideas with Others

When you read Facebook and Twitter feeds, you can see people from all walks of life talking about ideas. If you’re interested in technical writing, then you should share your ideas with other communities. This will help others and in return, it will help you learn more about:

  • Software
  • Formats
  • Team management
  • Management guidelines
  • Trends

Though you might not be able to share some of your technical writing team’s strategies, sharing the ideas you can or want to try will help you see what weaknesses they might have or what you might want to change.

Keeping an Ear Open for Improvement

You can save searches with Facebook and Twitter so that you can learn more about what other technical writing teams are doing in the world. This will help you see changes that are coming up and how you can adjust your strategies as a result. Regularly reviewing technically writing blogs and Twitter feeds will allow you to see what others believe is important. Save these searches and connect with other technical writers or teams to ensure the most relevant conversations.

Social media helps you become a part of the bigger conversation about technical writing. While it might seem that your one company is all that should matter, the more you can reach into the larger knowledge base, the more everyone benefits. Together, you can learn how to continuously improve your work.

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