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Technical Writing as a Marketing Tool?

4th May 2011 Posted in Blog, Documentation 0 Comments
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While most people think of technical writing as being instructive, that’s a limited point of view. True, software documentation can help you convey your ideas to others, but it can also allow you to show customers what your product has to offer. And the more you can show your customer the value of your product, the more likely they are to purchase it.

Selling Through Details

Details matter. Imagine purchasing a computer without knowing its specifications. If you couldn’t find out what the computer offered ahead of time, how would you know if it was the right choice for you? You wouldn’t.

When you employ qualified technical writers, they can create documentation and spec sheets for your products, allowing customers to see the value of your products. The more detailed these documents, the more information a customer has to examine and to consider. Even if they don’t choose your product, the many details you’ve included will stand out in their mind, and they will come back to your company the next time they need to make a purchase.

Other ways that technical writing can market your wares:

  • Product inserts
  • Product summaries
  • Press releases
  • Product handbooks
  • White papers

Even though these documents may never say ‘you should buy this,’ when they show the many benefits of following through with a purchase, a reader will be more likely to choose your product over another’s product.

These documents may also show how the product is used, which can allow a customer to begin to see how they might use the product in their business or in their everyday life.

Sometimes, selling is in the details, not in the strong sales language or in the tricky marketing gimmicks. With the right technical writer, you can make the sale, without the customer realizing how you did it. And that’s the best way to sell anything – by not ‘selling’ it at all.

Are there other ways you can see that technical documents can benefit marketing and sales efforts? Please leave a comment.

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