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Technical Writing: Best Career of 2012?

15th December 2011 Posted in Blog, Hiring, Medical Writers, Technical Writers 0 Comments

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Last year, US News and World Report noted that technical writing was going to be one of the best careers for 2011, but what about 2012? Since we haven’t seen the new findings of news outlets (though the common lists for the year are certain to be released soon), let’s look back over the year at what technical writing has been able to provide in the changing economy.

According, again, to US News and World Report, the overall job market is going to grow in 2012, and this news offers a sigh of relief to those who haven’t been able to secure a new job, or who haven’t been able to get a job that works for their income needs.

But what about technical writing? The trend toward needing more technical writing continues to grow, with the growth in two main sectors:

  • Healthcare
  • Technology

The ongoing need for medical technical writing seems to be well-established and with changes in the health insurance debate, it seems that more healthcare institutions will require ongoing support for future documentation, whether this is rewriting or completely new documents.

As technology markets grow and offer new ways of interacting in the world with gadgets and software, it becomes clear that we still need documentation to help the end user understand what button does what.

While we’re patiently waiting to see if technical writing is another hot career for 2012, one thing is clear: technical writing still fills a need, and a growing one at that.

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