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Wait…Technical Writing for Cover Letters?

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According to this San Francisco class advertisement, marketers need to learn technical writing in order to create effective cover letters and to hook clients.

Marketing Night School
When: Thursday, June 9 5:00p
Location: Atkins – Faithful+Gould, San Francisco, CA
Price: $25 – $150

This four-part professional development series is “designed to meet our marketers ever changing needs in a more hands on setting.”


“Adobe InDesign Tips and Tricks”
June 9th, 5-7pm

“Speaking in Public”
June 16th, 5:30pm 7:30pm

“Business Etiquette”
June 23rd, 5:30pm 7:30pm

“Technical Writing Skills” — Learn how to write a winning scope and hook a client with an engaging cover letter! Two leading professionals will help you hone your skills at creatively writing the technical pieces we have to do on a daily basis. JoAnn Copperud, Rga, and Jason McCarthy, Studios
June 30th, 5:30pm 7:30pm

Single Event Pricing: $25/members and $50/nonmembers
Bundle Pack of all Four Events: $75/members and $150/nonmembers

For more details about the classes, go to:

Think about it – the clearer the content, the more effective it will be. And when you only have one page to introduce a product or an idea, you can’t mince words or include vague details. You need to know how to structure your explanation, organize your information, and present the details in a convincing manner. Yes, technical writing for cover letters makes sense, even if you thought cover letters were just for resumes.

,b>The End of Boring Pitches

Marketers who decide to refine their writing skills and even learn just a few technical writing techniques can begin to change the way they think about their audience and its needs. And when you think about the needs of the audience, you can change the way the audience responds.

Technical writing offers marketing power, but only if marketers take the time to learn these valuable skills. Sounds like marketers need to go back to class.

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What are your thoughts? Do these look like worthwhile classes for marketing writers? Please leave a comment.

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