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23rd August 2011 Posted in Blog, Events, Technical Writers, Training Programs 0 Comments

Users are the main concern when it comes to technical writing. Beyond words, beyond formatting, and beyond details, technical writers should be thinking about the end user. If you’re not worried about the user when writing, then you can’t write effectively or create a document that can be used consistently.

Adobe Systems is offering an e-seminar to help technical writers and technical writing teams with conveying information to users. Read on to find out how this seminar will help you.

Using Personas to Develop Role-Based Content

Date & Time: September 8, 2011, 10:00AM – 11:00AM PST

Event description: Technology makes content accessible, but it doesn’t always tell you what individual users need to know to do their job proficiently. By understanding better how users work and how they use information, you can develop content that is role- and task-based to target the individual needs of users. They learn only what they need to know to do their job.

This eSeminar, featuring Adobe Evangelist, Tom Aldous and Adobe Partner, Joan Lasselle from Lasselle-Ramsay, Inc. (, gives a step-by-step approach to developing in-depth models of how your users work and how they use/search for/consume information. Drawing on techniques from qualitative research, software development, and learning – this approach to developing a complete understanding of your users’ work model can be directly linked to your help content.

The session will provide processes, tools, and examples of:

  • Interview techniques
  • Scenarios and task analysis
  • User stories and use cases
  • Requirements matrix

Registration is open now.

And if you go, report back with a comment to tell us what you learned (or wanted to learn but didn’t).

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