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Technical Writing: The Best Summer Job?

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According to oDesk’s findings: “the demand for writing skills continues to heat up, with positions involving technical writing up 1758 percent and blogging up 974 percent over last year.”

While you’ve read countless stories about the downturn in hiring, especially for people who are just now entering the job market, those with a knack for writing and an eye for details might just prove to get the summer job they need, and possibly a career they didn’t know they wanted.

The Next Wave of Technical Writers

In the summer, many permanent staff members might be heading out on vacation, so temporary help is a great way to fill up the ranks without getting behind in the technical writing work.  College and university graduates or current students can seek out technical writing jobs online or at local medical and technology companies (or by checking through our technical writing jobs and looking for junior or intern positions), and find better pay than a typical summer job might bring.

In addition, those looking for additional work can help fill in these gaps from locations far beyond the company’s walls.  The virtual workforce continues to grow and to become a viable resource for companies with pressing needs.

Saving Money in the Summer

Of course, the primary reason why companies seek online workers for short-term technical writing positions is to save money.  Seeking help online is a way to find as many potential writers as possible, with a wide range of salary expectations.  And since there isn’t a need to pay for benefits or for vacation time, companies get the work they need done, without having to pay more than they can afford.

The demand for technical writing continues to grow, and while the summer might seem like a time to relax, it also might be a time to find the technical writing job and perhaps even secure a position for the fall and winter.

Companies are hiring now because they realize that technical writing isn’t a task you can delegate to a computer.  Not yet, anyway.

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