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The Benefits of Pre-Screened Writers

1st August 2013 Posted in Blog, Hiring Writers 0 Comments

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When you have a need for a writer, you may have felt desperate.  And in this desperation, you might have turned to a website like Craigslist, a place where you can reach a large audience at once (often for free).

How did that work out for you?  

Chances are good that your inbox got even more cluttered with spam, a few vastly under-qualified applicants messaged you, and others just asked whether or not you were paying $100 an hour.

Maybe it’s time to try something a bit more effective.  You wouldn’t hire a medical writer or a technical writer without knowing their skills, but if you’re not hiring writers frequently, you may have no idea what skills they should have.

That’s where a pre-screening process becomes invaluable. Organizations like Writing Assistance, Inc. that test and pre-screen writers are far more useful to you.  They’ve done the work and they’ve weeded out the less than savory writing characters.

From their pool of writers, you can then choose someone who has proven he or she can  (gasp) actually do the work needed to be done. And, with the national and international reach of Writing Assistance, you can get a writer near you if you need one on site. 

Craigslist isn’t a bad place to find a free couch, but it doesn’t spend the time to screen writers or other professionals.  That’s your job.  And if you don’t have time, then maybe it’s time to hire someone else for the gig.

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