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The Blogging Question for Writers

6th May 2013 Posted in Blog, Marketing Writers, Writing 0 Comments

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Do all professional writers have a blog today?  Do all professional writers NEED to have a blog today?

It seems that just yesterday, online writers were told to get into social media and to get into blogging.  Then blogging sort of tapered off once EVERYONE was doing it. Still, it’s quite clear that the biggest voices across most industries are still blogging.

If you don’t join in, are you going to miss out?

Here’s what you should consider before you start blogging:

  • Do you have enough to say? – If you don’t think you have enough to say, you may not be ready for a blog yet. Most bloggers – especially those who stay on top of what’s hot – end up writing on topics they’d never thought much about.
  • Does your audience read blogs? – Think about your audience and where/how they like to consume information.  If they’re not reading blogs, they won’t read yours either.
  • Do you care enough to write frequently? – You need to write at least a few times a week to make the blog a conversation and not just a static collection of your occasional thoughts. While available tools have certainly made blogging easy, there’s still a time commitment to consider. There’s nothing more frustrating than a blogger who starts off strong and then disappears.  Often, it’s just a lack of time or things to say, but audiences don’t like it when this happens. They can lose interest and never return.

A blog offers plenty of benefits for the professional writer.  It shows off your skills and your value to a prospective client, gets your name out there and can help you grow your following. But first you need to decide if it’s a smart move in your situation.

What are your thoughts on the benefits and downside of blogs for professional writers? Please leave a comment.

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