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The Evolution of the Technical Writer

17th June 2015 Posted in Blog, Communication, Technical Writers 0 Comments

Image for The Evolution of the Technical WriterOver the years, technical writers have found that their job duties, responsibilities, and their employers’ expectations have expanded greatly beyond the writing process. That is a big part of the reason why the Society for Technical Communication (STC), historically the professional organization for technical writers, sought to re-classify technical writers as technical communicators a few years ago.

The article Technical Writers are Communicators provides a look at how technical writers have evolved since the emergence of the PC and will continue to evolve as technologies and needs change. Not only has technology changed, but work processes have changed along with it.

Evolution for technical writers continues in the professional workplace, even since this article was originally published. Change seems to continue to occur at near the speed of light.

Read Technical Writers are Communicators and then leave a comment here with your thoughts. As a technical writer/technical communicator/information design professional, how have you had to adapt over the years? What further changes have you seen since the article was published?

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