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The Future of Information Begins in Class

The University of California, Santa Barbara understands the need for technical writing in today’s world. It’s offering a course starting on May 8th called “The Fundamentals of Technical Writing,” to create a starting point for many of today’s new writers.  A solid educational background can help the next generation of technical writers prepare to face the current challenges in disseminating information.

The Academic Approach to Technical Writing.

In this UCSB technical writing course, students will learn about:

  • Research reports
  • Grant proposals
  • Review articles
  • Monographs
  • Document organization
  • Selecting evidence
  • Informing audiences
  • Persuading readers
  • Understanding the audience
  • Using references

This class will help students grasp the basics and learn more about how to create useful documentation.  

In the world of instant publication we know as the Internet, it can sometimes be a problem to determine if published information can be trusted.  Too often, information is published without proper research and citations, causing readers to rely on incorrect information.

Formal academic training can help technical writers to extend their research and properly note citations, so users can trust they are finding useful and factual information.

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