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The Importance of Relationships for Technical Writers

13th June 2012 Posted in Blog, Social Media, Technical Writers 0 Comments

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While you might have thought this would be an article on how technical writers might get a date, that’s an article better saved for another site.  That said, there are a number of relationships that are important to the technical writer on an ongoing, everyday basis – and they deserve as much attention as other relationships (but with less flirting).

Technical writers should cultivate relationships with:

  • Other technical writers 
  • Project managers 
  • Online community members

You’ll notice there’s no mention of subject matter experts (SMEs) or department managers. Strong relationships there help get projects done right and done on time.

Relationships help to develop writing skills, and they also help to keep writers up on the new technical writing trends. Because writing can change instantly when a writer develops a new skill, having an ear to the community helps the information disseminate faster.

Some of the places where the conversations can begin and continue are social networks, mailing list subscriptions, blogs, and comments on blogs and in social networks. By staying involved in these conversations, a technical writer can get a better handle on what’s important and what’s trending.

Just like any relationship, the technical writer needs to look at giving as much as he or she might take from others in the way of information. After all, good relationships are always two way. By sharing information, the whole community can benefit, helping everyone get the most out of their interactions and -in the end -create the best results for their writing.

Yes, relationships between technical writers and other professionals can take work to manage, but the results are well worth it.

As a technical writer (or other related career professional), which relationships do you find to be most beneficial, and why? Please leave a comment.

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