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The More Technical Writers You Have, The Better For Business

27th July 2010 Posted in Blog, Technical Writers 0 Comments
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At one time, technical writers used to be something of an enigma – and still are. These writers were called in for special projects and were often contract technical writers rather than full time staff. As a result, they seemed to work in a fly by night fashion, helping only when needed and not sticking around for the long haul.

But is this the best scenario?

In times when communication matters more than ever, technical writers should be a part of writing decisions, from start to finish. And having a team of writers is considered to be the best arrangement.  Not only will you have the collective wisdom of these professionals, but you will also find you are able to get things done much more quickly.

Even if a technical writer is an hourly employee, the more you have, the fewer hours they will need to work. Together in the team, they can look at past projects to decide the tone and format, create the structure, write the project, and then review it for errors. A trained technical writer can get all of these things done quickly when they have the support of a full time (or at least regular) technical writing team.

Businesses benefit with a more efficient technical writing team. They can not only see their ideas become reality more quickly, but they will find the documentation is not only helpful, but more consistent than when a business brings in a new writer for each project. In addition, a strong writing team will be able to see what other documents are necessary in order to build a concrete library of texts, instructional manuals, etc.

Is this always possible? Is it always possible to have a team of technical writers? Probably not. But when a company relies on technical writing to train and to inform, it’s not a bad idea to stop looking at layoffs and start looking into hiring.

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