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Tips for Interviewing and Hiring Technical Communicators

Image for Tips for Interviewing and Hiring Technical CommunicatorsFinding the right person that fits exactly into an open Technical Communicator position is difficult, especially if the interviewer or the technical communicator doesn’t have much experience or skill in handling the process. Technical communications professions require a unique mix of technical and communications skills, which can be very hard to find.

In her article, Five Secrets to Successful Interviewing and Hiring, Karen O’Keefe offers five tips with examples that will help you get through the interviewing and hiring process successfully.

  1. Writing a Detailed Job Description
  2. Making Sure the Setting/Environment is Conducive
  3. Conducting a Programmed Interview
  4. Using Multiple Interviewers
  5. Considering Testing

Lastly, she explains that there is no method or template that you can apply directly to your department, group, or company, but you can use this process as an example for building and refining your own.

Read Five Secrets to Successful Interviewing and Hiring and then leave a comment here with your thoughts. Do you have additional pointers to offer in finding the right technical communicator for the job? 

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