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Transitioning from Technical to Marketing Communications


It’s not uncommon – at some point their careers – for technical writers to either want to or be asked to help with the marketing department’s communications needs. Whether it’s a permanent move or only temporary, such a change can seem a bit frightening for tech writers with little to no marketing background. But is it really that big of a leap to make the change? And can the willingness to be flexible help strengthen your career outlook?

In her article, Making the Transition from Techcom to Marcom, Christy Simard looks at the desirable traits technical writers have that can be put to good use in marketing, at the similarities between the two career paths and at managing both a permanent changeover and accepting marketing assignments within a documentation group to enhance its value.

Read: Making the Transition from Techcom to Marcom and then leave a comment below with your thoughts on transitioning from techcom to marcom, especially if you’ve had first-hand experience in doing so.

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