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Writing for a Global Audience: Translation and Localization

23rd October 2014 Posted in Blog, Translation & Localization 0 Comments


The global business marketplace is getting bigger, so one of the important things that writers should take a look at and be savvy about is the translation and localization process, and issues that could arise when converting documentation for use in other countries. Having an advance understanding of the issues can save a lot of time and money later. Even understanding the difference between translation and localization can give some technical writers fits.

In her article, Think Globally, Write Locally, Kristen Giovanis, co-founder and managing director of KJ International, explains what you need to know when adapting your works for an international audience. Her tips in this article include content tips, writing style tips and design tips that are sure to put you on the right track.

Read Think Globally, Write Locally and then leave a comment here. Do you have the same issues? And how you work on it?

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