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Two Experienced Project Managers Needed

23rd May 2014 Posted in Blog, Help Wanted Comments Off on Two Experienced Project Managers Needed

Help Wanted
Help Wanted

Writing Assistance, Inc. is a nationwide staffing agency. Currently we are looking for two perm Project Managers to work in the Moline, IL area.

Job Description

Perform project management assignments and/or tasks associated with the Learning and Development Team focused to the Transit Customer documentation with potential expansion to other areas within Learning and Development. Manage project milestones for customer documentation for transit equipment as defined in the contract documents.

Entry Level Requirements (Experience)

  1. 3+ years Project Management experience.
  2. Proficiency in Microsoft Project.

Professional Requirements (Education)

Bachelors Degree with a Project Management, Business, Engineering or Operations emphasis or equivalent work experience.

Skills and Knowledge

  1. Broad business perspective.
  2. Good communication and listening skills, open-minded and rational thinker.
  3. Good analytical skills.
  4. Innovative and visionary.
  5. Develop project plans and schedules within the framework of the transit specification and contractual requirements for creation and delivery of customer documents.
  6. Coordinate required information from internal departments.
  7. Analyze requests from the Branch offices for changes to escalator documentation materials and schedule to determine impact of change.
  8. Creating/Tracking/Updating all aspects of project schedule(s).
  9. Maintain records of project costs and insure costs are delegated to the proper project.
  10. Preference given to elevator/escalator industry experience.
  11. Preference given to PMP Certification.
  12. Impeccable integrity and confidentiality.
  13. Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  14. Ability to set priorities to insure timely completion of specific deadlines.
  15. Customer driven with emphasis on results.
  16. Passion, enthusiasm, creativity, and a positive outlook with a commitment to excellence and high standards

Essential Functions

  1. Analyze contract requirements for the purpose of identifying and confirming contractual obligations per customer and project regarding content and delivery schedule.
  2. Manage and track project milestones and work with supply line and front line offices to structure planned delivery schedule.
  3. Actively participate in meetings to brainstorm and improve processes.
  4. Work with KONE SL and FL, as required, to obtain necessary information to drive project to completion and meet delivery schedule per contractual agreement.
  5. Review and validate changes to scope and schedule.
  6. Create database for knowledge acquired from specification review and costs to utilize for building history to base future decisions and quotations.
  7. Perform other job related duties.

How to Apply

To apply for this position, please visit this link and then click Apply Now.

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