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Using Stories to Sell

27th December 2012 Posted in Blog, Marketing Writers, Writing 2 Comments

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Everyone has a story, and every company has a story. If you’ve been hired as a marketing writer to create materials for an organization, you need to share that story. Not only do stories help people connect to a business, but they also help to create a story in which the customer’s experience can play a part in the story.

What does this mean? When Company A talks about how they grew from a small mom and pop business into a multi-million dollar company, it’s going to attract attention. If a writer includes details that that make this story stand out, the story becomes a part of the branding message and a way to learn more about how a company does business.

Company A seems like the place where hometown values are the foundation, a place where people can come to talk with real people. Even though they might have grown into a monstrous organization, knowing the story helps make the organization seem accessible to its customers and prospects.

A story can show up on a website or in marketing materials distributed through other channels. The story can be a part of the commercials and promotions, helping to drive the details into the minds of the audience.

The story doesn’t have to be heartbreaking and it doesn’t have to be unbelievable. As long as the story is true and it connects with the audience in some way, it will work.

Stories sell companies, no matter what their products or services might be. As a writer, you need to find that story, write it, and make it memorable. When you do, the company begins to write a new chapter for its future – a story of ongoing success.

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  1. By Nick Stamoulison 3rd, January 2013 at 5:46 pm

    Crafting a great piece of content such as the company story creates a piece of evergreen content that can be used to drive visitors to a website over and over again. As this content is specific to the company rather than its products or services, it is easy to update the content to keep it fresh and relevant. Adding any awards the company receives or if the business is expanding or renovating are all nuggets of information that can continue to build a strong story.

  2. By editoron 3rd, January 2013 at 6:26 pm

    Thanks for the insightful comment. Happy New Year!

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