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Webinars for Documentation Delivery

16th May 2012 Posted in Blog, Documentation, Technology & Tools 0 Comments

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Reading a book is certainly one way to learn about a process or product. Taking a course is another. But for those who are visual learners, is there a way for technical writing to address their needs? Webinars are one solution.

With webinars, you can engage an audience that’s already used to getting their information from a computer screen. This movement toward showing instead of telling is connecting audiences more fully to the information, and webinars can be used to complement printed documentation.

Everyone learns differently. When the goal is to ensure an audience learns certain pieces of information, the method should take that into consideration.

Benefits of Webinars for Learning

  • Show the process as it unfolds – Each step of the process can be shown in the webinar.
  • Allow for repeated views – When a webinar is taped, the viewer (or viewers) can watch it over and over.
  • Can be broadcast around the world – Webinars can be taped and shown to audiences around the world, or they can be presented at a time when everyone can join in for the video.
  • Can be created quickly and easily – With minimal equipment, a webinar can be created for the audience.
  • Can allow for question and answer sessions – During live webinars, the instructor can work through questions so the viewers know exactly what they’ve learned and what they still need to learn.

While webinars can’t always replace user documentation, they are another tool to ensure that documentation is about more than just the written word. ¬†Sometimes, people need to see those words in action.

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