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What Courses are Needed for Technical Writers?

22nd March 2014 Posted in Blog, Career Development, Technical Writers 0 Comments


Entry-level technical writers and those who are considering technical communications as a career often ask if it’s necessary to get a technical writing certification or if certain courses are best to improve their skill set and hireability.

Ask five people and you’ll likely get five different answers. Recently, I’d Rather Be Writing posed this question to Laura Palmer, an assistant professor at Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta, Georgia. Her response, although somewhat inconclusive, is a good examination of how to prepare academically for a career in technical communications, including not only a look at course work but at textbooks, too.

Read: “The Courses Conundrum: What Do You Need to Be a Technical Communicator?” for her detailed response. If you’re already a technical communications professional, we’d like to hear about your first-hand experiences, so please leave a comment below for discussion.

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