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What The 2010 MadCap Software Roadshow Means to You

14th July 2010 Posted in Blog, Events, Software Tools 0 Comments

While the 2010 MadCap Software Roadshow might be winding down for the year, the lessons it’s passed on to those who attended continue to inspire and to educate businesses, HR departments and even those who are looking to begin a career in technical writing.

The writing world has changed in recent times. With the innovations in technology, not only are people able to reach out to more audiences, but businesses which were never meant to be global now are – whether they are prepared or not.

With the proper technical writers, a business will be able to create a strong presence on the Internet as well as in publications designed to educate, inform, and to boost the reputation of a business.

Some of the highlights of the MadCap stopovers include:

  • Reusing content as often as possible – Reusing content used to be a no-no in the business world, but now content can be used and reused in order to market and to inform. While content is only written once, it can be used multiple times to reach a wider audience.
  • Creating content for different publishing platforms – When creating a single piece of technical content, making sure it can be viewed and used over email, mobile applications, and the Web is of the utmost importance for maximum effectiveness.
  • Measuring document effectiveness – If you’re sending out documents, you need to make sure they continue to be effective over the long term.
  • Working together as a team – Though one article might only attribute one person as its author, this doesn’t mean that multiple people weren’t involved in creating it. By creating a cooperative team, technical writing becomes easier and more efficient from start to finish.

Though other subjects were also explored at MadCap events, just knowing what others are concerned about can help you to begin to investigate issues which will support your technical writing needs, both now and in the future.

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