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What to Consider When Hiring Technical Writers

2nd April 2010 Posted in Blog, Hiring, Technical Writers 2 Comments
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If you have a group of stressed out and overworked technical writers and need to add to your staff, hiring the right technical writer can be a challenge. In his Considerations for Hiring Technical Writers, Philip Rastocny provides some tips on the hiring and interview process and what you might look for in exceptional technical writing candidates that will best fill the needs of your group of technical writers.

In Rastocny’s article, the scenario is this:

Your department is growing … things are starting to get out of control … your staff is about to mutiny. So it is time to expand your group. You already know what skills you need to handle the tasks, but what other assets can you get at the same time? Characteristics of a technical writer vary from individual to individual, and knowing what to look for before the interview process begins is half the way to hiring the right individual the first time.

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