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What’s In a Job Title for Technical Communications Professonals?

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It’s no secret to any technical communications professional that job descriptions and duties have expanded over the years. The old style “Technical Writer” has evolved into an assortment of job duties in today’s lean employment environment.

In some cases, Technical Writers have morphed into becoming referred to as Information Engineers. After all, isn’t technical communications all about the engineering of information?

Whether your current title is Technical Writer, Documentation Specialist or some other older-style position reference, it may be time for you, your HR Department and senior management to better describe what it is that you do – in a way that conveys your value to the organization and your responsibilities today. Any time you change a position title is a good time to update the job description as well.

In his article, Potential Position Descriptions for Information Engineering Professionals, Steve Capri looks at a variety of position descriptions that just may be a more realistic depiction of what you are doing now.

Read: Potential Position Descriptions for Information Engineering Professionals and then leave a comment below with your thoughts. Has your title and/or job description been updated where you work? if you are an HR professional, are they any talks or initiatives in place to do that?

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