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What’s the One Big Thing You NEED to Say?

19th April 2013 Posted in Blog, Writing 0 Comments


Whether you’ve been given an assignment, or you’re just writing something to share information, you can’t say it all in one piece.  There are some who might try to talk about every single thing that’s important about a topic, only to find their readers are less than willing to spend hours reading an article.

There is a way to streamline this writing process – and fine tune the result: say one big thing.

When you stop to think about the ways in which you connect with an audience or the ways in which you have been moved by someone else’s writing, it’s becomes clear that simplicity is a virtue.  These authors have talked about one main thing, and you walked away from the experience with that one thing in mind.

The one thing stayed with you and the one thing left you feeling as though you were getting something in return for your effort.  At the same time, you didn’t feel as though you were being asked to indulge the writer and all of their bits of knowledge.

You learned something and you moved on.

Before you write anything, stop to think about the one thing that you need to say.  Then say it as clearly as possible.  Everything else can wait for a future piece, or it may not need to be said at all.

Sometimes, one thing is enough.  Sometimes, readers appreciate brevity more than the word count you reached (no matter how impressive that word count might be or have been).

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