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When a Writer Needs to be On Site

9th January 2014 Posted in Blog, Hiring Writers 0 Comments

WAI Has Over 25.000 Writers Across the USA and Canada

With all of the hoopla about hiring writers who will never set foot in your company’s door, you might think technical writers don’t have to travel to work with you.

For the most part, this is often the case.  With Skype and other online communication routes, you can manage your technical writer and their tasks virtually.

However, there are times you will need to be face-to-face with your writer.

  • You have extensive requirements
  • You have immediate needs
  • You need to respond quickly
  • You use proprietary systems or software that are not available for online access
  • Your operations or products require in-person training to be fully understood
  • You require team face-to-face time on a regular basis

If you’re working on a technical document that needs to be right RIGHT NOW, then you may want to bring that writer to your company.  This way, they can work with you, sit with you, and find out more about what you need – and fix it immediately.

Since this type of project is short-term, you will also be able to create a short-term employment situation – and then this writer can be tapped in the future for updates.

While outsourcing is amazing, it’s not always the best virtual arrangement, especially when you anticipate multiple meetings, endless emails, or other complications.

Consider what you’ll need from the writer, and how much you’ll need them.  While you’re not going to get them 24/7, you may very well be able to produce something exceptional with your new writer as part of your team.

Writing Assistance, Inc specializes in the placement of all types of writers, both on site and remote; both temporary and permanent. Call us today at 877-392-9772 for an experienced writer who meets your needs.

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