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Why Outside Writers Have the Inside Track

11th December 2013 Posted in Blog, Hiring Writers 0 Comments

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Even though you might be the owner of a company, you may not know what you’re doing when it comes to talking to your audience.  You know what you know, but you may not always be clear about what your audience needs to know.  This is where an outside writer can be a valuable investment in your future.

Outside writers understand the audience’s needs because they’re not in the inner circle.  They can look at a topic or a company from the outside and think through the needs of an audience member.  These writers will consider the questions an audience member might be asking themselves:

  • What is important about this? – A customer will want to know the value of a service or a product, so they can assess whether it’s also valuable to their life.
  • How will this help me or make my life easier? – Clients often want to see how a product or service can make their lives easier or better before they listen to a company’s message. They want to know how you can ease their pain.
  • What does the cost really mean? – In any discussion of costs, though numbers matter, it’s also important for a writer to convey what the costs really mean and what they include. In other words, to convey value.
  • What makes this special? – In a world where they are millions of new items being offered each day, a writer needs to be able to convey what makes the item special to the audience.

Though you may also consider these questions, an outside or outsourced writer could be more in tune with the audience’s internal dialogue. An outside writer doesn’t have the internal biases held by those within the organization. They bring an additional perspective, since they are outsiders too. They can approach the writing that needs to be done from an outsider’s perspective, ensuring a better connection with the audience.

Sometimes, you really need to step outside in order to get closer to your customers.

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