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Why Routine Can Be a Writer’s Friend

10th July 2013 Posted in Blog, Writing 0 Comments

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It’s no surprise that established writers often give the same advice, something along the lines of, ‘Sit in your chair and write.  Don’t get up.’  While stepping away from your desk is a good thing too, the point of this advice is to create some sort of routine for your writing.

You want to create a time when your mind and your body knows, ‘Hey, it’s time to write.’  When you’re used to a certain time being work time, then you’ll jump in and do what needs to be done.

Here’s how you can create a routine that works for you:

  • Track your current writing routine – For one week, find out when you write, how much you wrote, and how you felt about it when you were writing (or not).
  • Look for patterns in your routine – You might notice you’re more of a morning person or a nighttime person. 
  • Create a routine for yourself – Take time to write out what you think will work best for you: a starting time, an ending time, a time for tea/coffee, the place(s) where you will only write, etc.
  • Follow that routine and adjust as needed – See if the routine you create works and tweak it as you notice a need for change.

Once you create a routine, you’ll find writing is easier and you’re not fighting with your natural rhythms.  Certainly, times will come when you need to adjust your routine, but the more you stick to it, the more it will help you stay on track.

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