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The Right Way(s) to Explain Complicated Ideas

14th November 2012 Posted in Blog, Communication, Writing 0 Comments

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At some point, you’re going to be assigned a complicated piece. You’ll need to explain something challenging to an audience that may not have a background in the topic. Heck, you might not have a background in the topic, but no one needs to know that.

To create an effective piece of writing that describes a complicated idea in simple terms, start breaking it down for yourself like a journalist would.

Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

If your research answers these questions, then you can begin to write with these key pieces of information in mind.

You can also approach the topic with this system:

  • Explain the overall idea.
  • Explain the parts.
  • Explain how the parts work together.
  • Repeat an explanation of the overall idea.
  • Give additional resources.

When you take the time to explain a complicated idea in a simpler way, your audience is going to find the information they need. They can walk away from your writing with a basic understanding of your intention. And if they need to know more, you’ve offered additional resources to help them later on.

Certainly, there will be topics that can’t be simplified too much, but keeping the reader’s knowledge level in mind helps you create accessible writing.

What tips can you offer for getting complicated points across? Please leave a comment.

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