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Writing Great Standard Operating Procedures

22nd February 2013 Posted in Blog, Documentation, Technical Writers 0 Comments
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Standard Operation Procedures, or SOPs as they are commonly known, are snapshots of a company’s life force, which is always in a state of flux and change. When SOPs are well-written, they become one of the best tools for making improvement decisions.

Many companies put off documenting their processes and procedures because they are too sheepish to admit that these are not yet in a state of perfection. Perfection, however, is never a requirement for the well-written SOP.

Marcia Weedon discusses the structure for well-written SOPs, and how they can be one of the best tools for keeping abreast with change in her article, The Well Written SOP – Critical for Continuous Improvement.

Read the article and then leave a comment here. Are there any special steps you take when prepare SOP documents? Do you agree they”re a critical tool for continuous process improvement?

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