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Writing with Reuse in Mind: Reusing Content in the Workplace

Technical writing is designed to be used more than once and often goes through a series of changes during its lifetime.  While this may seem reasonable, often technical writers and others charged with writing like to create copy that can stand the test of time.  Instead, why not look at writing as something that can be can be written with reuse in mind?

Event : Content and Form: Writing with Reuse in Mind 2010
Date : November 4, 2010
Time : 9:30am to 5:00pm
Place : M.450 at the Grande Bibliotheque
475, boulevard de Masionneuve Est
Metro Berri
Cost : STC/ETC members: $75 (Canadian)
Mediaville Montreal members: $85 (Canadian)
All others: $95
Continental breakfast and lunch will be provided.

This daylong conference will include the following presentations on reusing content in the workplace:

  • Reusing and Improving Your Content – Pamela Kostur
  • Internationalizing Your Content – Lisa Pietrangeli
  • Implementing Reuse – Bryan Lynn
  • Following Form – Saul Carliner

Contact for more information.

No matter what type of deliverables you’re responsible for creating, this conference brings up a good question: Can content be designed to be used again and again in different settings?  With manuals and handbooks, it seems this question is already answered, but perhaps a broader discussion is needed.  After all, can all content be reused?

In some ways, reusing content is like programming in modules. Programmers, trainers and other learning professionals are accustomed to the module concept, but have tech writers reached that point yet?

What are your thoughts on content reuse and module development? Please leave a comment.

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