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Dealing With Professional Burnout
by Whitney Potsus
Professional burnout can strike anyone regardless of their profession – tech writerinstructional designereditor, butcher, baker, candlestick maker – but it’s not always easy to detect until the damage has been done. This article looks at the signs of professional burnout and dealing with them head on.

Gaining Visibility Gracefully for Your Professional Efforts
by Sue Plaster
Do you need a boost for your learning and development efforts— well-deserved positive visibility for your achievements? Are you unsure how to go about it in a graceful way that won’t come across as raw ambition or irritating egotism?

How to Justify Conference Attendance
by Mike Doyle
Professional conferences can be expensive and not all budget managers understand their importance or the benefits derived by conference attendees. Mike Doyle includes some handy worksheets you can use.

Managing Conflict
by Kerri Harris
Conflict is characteristic in any situation that brings diverse groups together to manage tasks and obstacles. Conflict resolution is among the many tasks delegated to managers, yet it is often the most difficult to master.

Making the Transition from Techcom to Marcom
by Christy Simard
At first glance, technical communication (techcom) and technical marketing communication (marcom) appear to be very different genres. Where traditional techcom strives to help people use products, marcom seeks to make people realize they need products. This article looks at the differences and similarities between these two types of communication specialty areas.

Making the Transition from Technical Writer to Manager
by Steve Capri
This article is a collage of ideas and experiences from some people who’ve made the leap from writer to manager. Although it’s not a step-by-step guideline, it provides some compelling insight as to what individuals might expect as they transition into the management ranks. Even if you are an experienced manager, you might find these ideas helpful.

Negotiation Techniques
by Kerri Harris
Most of us are involved in negotiating in some form or other on a daily basis. Here is a look at the process of negotiation and tips you can use to improve your technique as you progress through the process.

The Art of Self Marketing
by Kerri Harris
Savvy career-minded professionals should consider incorporating these marketing techniques into their annual objectives.

The Life of a Lone Writer
by Whitney Potsus
‘Lone writers’ — those who work as their employer’s only staff writers — are a different breed, with their own unique set of professional and personal challenges. At the same time a blessing and a curse, the lone writer life offers flexibility, variety, and autonomy, along with feelings of stress, isolation, and burnout. Here are some first-hand insights from a lone writer.

Vital Skills Every Medical Writer Needs 
by Jacqueline Mahon
A medical writing career is enjoyable for many reasons, paramount of which is stimulation. A variety of skills are required, and the work is quick paced and thought provoking. Although every job includes at least a few tedious tasks, you rarely will be bored as a medical writer.

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