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Communicating for Diversity

by Kerri Harris
Effective communication is a manager’s greatest tool in rallying groups toward a common cause. From the annual department address to daily email, even the most engaging statements lose meaning when barriers to effective communication foster misconception and confusion.

Is Your Professional Writing At Its Very Best? Tips for Making Your Everyday Writing Stand Out

by Sue Plaster, M.Ed.
Are you happy with your business writing? Or do you feel like you don’t always get the level of understanding and response you’d like from your written communications? Whether our daily writing is email, PowerPoint, business proposals, texting, or social media, we influence, inform, and activate others by communicating well.

Editing versus Proofreading

by Brendan Brown
Many first-time clients of a professional editing company or freelance editor are unsure about the difference between editing and proofreading, and which service they should choose. Editing and proofreading services produce different outcomes for writers, and therefore potential consumers must be aware of what they do.

Quick Edit Tips

by Lester Stephenson
Technical writers need a quick way to proof and edit their work to meet a looming deadline. Here are four tips and techniques for quick and accurate editing that work.