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Promoting Yourself as a Writer: The Internet Can’t Do It All

18th July 2013 Posted in Blog, Career Development, Writing 0 Comments


The Internet is a fantastic place, filled with sites of information and distraction. While it can reach new audiences in new lands, it isn’t the only way to promote the writing you’ve created. In fact, it’s just another way to market your voice and your style.

Nothing sells you better than yourself. If you’re a writer who wants to hide behind a computer, you can certainly do so. But if you’re a writer who wants some name recognition, the time has come for you to promote your writing with more than just another status update or tweet.

Here are five ideas for promoting yourself offline as a writer:


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Choosing the Right Writing Course

Image for Choosing the Right Writing Course Post

Even if you’re fairly confident in your ability to string together a coherent sentence, it never hurts to brush up on your writing skills. The deeper you move into your writing career, the more you will see other writers doing things you haven’t done – or even thought of doing.

Maybe you just need a refresher course on how to think and how to express your (or the client’s) thoughts.

To choose the right course, think about: 


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