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Writers UA West Conference 2015 in Seattle

13th March 2015 Posted in Blog, Events, User Assistance 0 Comments


Event: Writers UA West User Assistance Boot Camp
When: Wednesday, April 15 thru Friday, April 17
Location: Seattle, WA

The WritersUA Boot Camp includes both Basic Training sessions for tech comm and UA newbies and Grad School sessions for experienced UA professionals. Certificates are awarded for each track.

The conference registration fee includes a networking lunch Thursday and Friday as well as slides and any supplemental materials, and wi-fi freely available throughout the conference area.

Conference Links
Conference Agenda
Hotel & Travel Info

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Tech Comm (TC) Camp 2015 This Month

2nd January 2015 Posted in Blog, Events 0 Comments

Image for TC Camp 2015 Post

TC Camp 2015 will be held on Saturday, January 24, 2015 in Santa Clara, CA.

TC Camp refers to itself as the “unconference” where technical communications professionals ask questions and discuss issues, challenges and applications of concern to them. It’s driven by members of that community in the Bay Area and those who support them.

The program is scheduled to run from 8:30AM until 6:00PM with registration beginning at 8:00AM. Hands-on workshops are conducted in the morning after a general session. This year’s workshops will include:

  1. Adobe workshop
  2. Mobile workshop
  3. API workshop
  4. Doc portal workshop

Three one-hour sessions are held in the afternoon followed by a Summary session. The conference’s afternoon agenda is created on the day of the event by the attendees who nominate and vote on topics during the general session first thing in the morning. One attendee must agree to be the facilitator and one the note taker (scribe).

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How TC Camp Works
Venue Information

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WritersUA Central 2015 Coming Up

6th November 2014 Posted in Blog, Events 0 Comments

Austin, TX Site of WritersUA Central 2015

The WritersUA Central Conference takes place January 6-7, 2015 in Austin, TX. If you’re planning to attend, early bird pricing ends November 8th, so you need to act fast.

The program is organized into two tracks:

  1. Content & design
  2. Tools & technologies

Some highlights on the agenda:

  • Who Are We? A Mirror for UA Professionals
  • Practical HTML5/CSS3 for Real Writers
  • Improving Online Help through User Feedback
  • The Language of Touch: for the Desktop & Mobile UA
  • MadCap Flare: Designing Content for Online and Print
  • Challenges & Solutions for UA Localization
  • Embedded Help: Nuts and Bolts

Just to name a few. So far, a total of 13 sessions are planned over the two-day event.

Useful Links
Conference Agenda Overview
Travel and Accommodations
How to Justify Conference Attendance

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2012 Writer’s UA Conference Announced

22nd July 2011 Posted in Blog, Events 0 Comments
Beale Street, Memphis, TN - Home of the 2012 Writers UA Conference

Beale Street, Memphis, TN

The 2012 Writer’s UA Conference (Conference for Software User Assistance) will be held March 11th through March 14th, 2010 in Memphis, TN. While that seems like a long time from now, you can save up to $500 by booking early. Special reduced prices are available if you reserve your place between now and August 31st.

Call for Speakers and Presenters

In preparation for the 2012 Conference, WritersUA invites you to submit a proposal for conducting a session. Presenting a session at the WritersUA Conference is a great opportunity for professional exposure. You’ll share the stage with some of the brightest in technical communication and software development. General Conference Sessions on Monday, March 12th through Wednesday, March 14th, are 60 minutes in length. A few spots are available for the presentation of half-day seminars on Sunday, March 11th.


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Stop By and Say Hello at Writers UA Conference in Long Beach

11th March 2011 Posted in Blog, Company, Events 0 Comments

The Writer’s UA Conference (Conference for Software User Assistance) kicks off this Sunday, March 13th and runs until Wednesday, March 16th in Long Beach, CA.

Writing Assistance, Inc. (WAI) will be there. f you’re planning to attend, we hope you’ll stop by and say hello!

Even though attendees from more than 150 companies will be attending, because there are relatively few exhibitors at the event, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding us.

Besides ourselves, exhibitors include:

  • Adobe
  • Authorit
  • Madcap
  • Oasis

and several others.

Twitter Event Hashtag

If you’ll be tweeting about the event, use the #WRITERSUA hashtag assigned to the event. And, if you’re unable to attend, you might want to monitor tweets using that hashtag for the latest happenings. Several users have published their Twitter handles, which you can find at:

Software User Assistance Conference 2011 Website
Follow Writing Assistance on Twitter

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Update: 2011 Conference for Software UA

10th November 2010 Posted in Blog, Events 1 Comment

Event: The Conference for Software User Assistance 2011
When: March 13-16, 2011
Location: Long Beach, CA

We gave you an initial heads-up on the 2011 Software UA Conference scheduled for Long Beach, CA back in June. Since then, the conference sponsors (Writers UA) have released additional details about this event.

As we reported earlier, the theme of the 2011 Conference for Software User Assistance is Better UX through Better UA. The conference topics all relate to user assistance and cover a broad range of key tools, processes, technologies, and techniques, including:

  • DITA and XML
  • Writing techniques
  • Case studies
  • eLearning tools
  • Adobe, Microsoft, Google
  • UA for mobile devices
  • Multimedia production
  • Content strategy
  • User experience

Many buzz topics and tools will also be discussed, including Agile, blogging, Camtasia, Captivate, HTML 5, personas, podcasting, smartphones, Twitter, wikis and much more.

There’s plenty of time to jusify conference attendance with the boss and your spouse, etc., but keep in mind that registration fees will increase by $300 beginning January 16th.

Conference Links
Conference Tracks
Detailed Conference Agenda
Conference Hotel/Travel Info

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Localization World Conference Oct. 6-8, 2010, Seattle

29th September 2010 Posted in Blog, Events 0 Comments
Image for Localization World Seattle 2010

The Localization World Conference will be coming to Seattle in early October this year. The program includes sessions on global business best practices, managing global websites, advanced practices in localization management, and special format sessions for deepening understanding of select topics related to internationalization and localization.

The theme for this fall’s Seattle conference is “Know-how for Global Success”.

The five tracks will focus on:

  • Experienced business people provide practical insights for companies that want to venture with confidence into new international markets.
  • Leading companies, each with an outstanding web presence, offer their expertise for launching and maintaining a worldwide web platform.
  • An introductory track for companies that need to localize, but are unsure where to start.
  • The latest information on trends, processes, technologies and influences that shape the world of localization.
  • Special format sessions for deepening understanding of select topics and sessions that stimulate collaboration and community.

Event links:

Detailed Program Table
Conference Registration
Location/Hotel Info

Who is tasked with localization in your organization? In many companies, engineering and documentation have separate individuals who manage the localization process with their vendors. Sometimes, Senior or Lead Technical Writers will carry the ball for getting documentation localized, while in others, Documentation Managers handle this task. Please leave a comment.

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Technical Writing for the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, and Biotech Industries

17th September 2010 Posted in Blog, Events 2 Comments

Within the medical field, technical writing is essential during trials, studies, and other research schedules. On Wednesday December 01, 2010 at 08:00AM to Friday December 03, 2010 at 05:00PM, there will be a training seminar for using technical writing within these fields.

Perfect for professionals who handle technical writers in medical-related fields, this training course will cover these topics (according to the course website at

  • Understand the mandates for documentation set forth by the regulators, such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and other governing bodies
  • Know how the reporting process supports products in research, development, and the marketplace
  • Understand how documents work in tandem from initial correspondence about a project to an approved protocol, amendments, and final study report

But also:

  • Know how to produce effective written correspondence
  • Learn how to identify and understand the audience
  • With the message in mind, learn how to create and structure reports
  • Learn how to create effective, structured reports
  • Learn how to use English grammar appropriately
  • Recognize the difference between active and passive voice sentences.
  • Understand how to use punctuation effectively.
  • Learn the basics of reviewing and editing documents.

The course is a training course, so participants will need to be ready to learn and to use the ideas they are learning while in the course. The speakers are lively and engaging, helping to create a true learning environment, instead of simply a place in which conference-goers listen.

The conference, being put on by CfPIE (Center for Professional Innovation and Education), will be held at the Dolce Valley Forge Hotel, King of Prussia, PA — Dec. 01 – 03, 2010 – total cost is $2,350.00

Those who are interested can go to the website for more information:

Justifying Conference Attendance
How to Survive the Conference Season

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Top Ways to Survive Conference Season

26th August 2010 Posted in Blog, Events 2 Comments

I stumbled across this great post by Peter Shankman called Top Eight Ways to Survive Conference Season. In it, Shankman (who travels 300,000 miles per year consulting, advising and speaking) offers his insights on the best ways to get through a conference, now that the summer is over and conference season is nigh.

While his 8 tips are a good start, there are also a number of tips in the comments on the post that make it a worthwhile read.

Conferences can be valuable learning and networking experiences. However, for the unguided, they can also be places to pick up a nasty flu virus and one or more terrible hangovers, especially for the unprepared or uninitiated.

Do you have any tips to offer conference goers – especially newbies attending their first conference? We’d love to hear them! Please leave a comment.

Top Eight Ways to Survive Conference Season
How to Justify Conference Attendance
8th Annual LavaCon in San Diego in September

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2011 Software User Assistance Conference Set for Long Beach CA

4th June 2010 Posted in Blog, Events 0 Comments

Event: The Conference for Software User Assistance 2011
When: March 13-16, 2011
Location: Long Beach, CA

Sponsored by Writers UA the theme of the 2011 Conference for Software User Assistance is Better UX through Better UA. Registration is now open and early-bird discounts are now in effect.

The conference topics are expected to include:

  • DITA, XML, and Information Architecture
  • User-centered Design and Usability
  • eLearning Tools and Techniques
  • Hands-on Computer Tutorials
  • Adobe, Microsoft, Google
  • UA for Mobile Devices
  • Case Studies

Conference Links
Conference Overview
Conference Agenda
Register Online
Conference Hotel/Travel Info

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