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An Excel Template for Planning Documentation Projects

15th January 2014 Posted in Blog, Documentation, Planning, Project Management 0 Comments

MS Excel Template for Planning Documentation Projects

Planning for and estimating the resources needed to complete a documentation project can be a daunting task at times for documentation managers and specialists as well as independent consultants. What if a tool was available that could:

  • Help you prepare more accurate project estimates.
  • Provide a clear and specific explanation when things take longer than they “should have.”
  • Give you a way to justify new resources, budget for contractors, or to just say “no.”
  • Assist in making strategic decisions.

Now, what if that tool was a template for MS Excel? Would you try it out and take it for a test run?

Margie Yundt and Sherry McMenemy have created a template that can help you better plan documentation projects. They explain the process and the thinking beyond the tool they’ve created in their article, It’s in the Numbers: Using Metrics to Plan Documentation Projects. There’s also a link in the article for you to download the Excel template.

We encourage you to read the article and take the template for a spin. Then leave a comment here with your thoughts on this template or additional tools you’ve found useful for estimating documentation projects.

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How Can You Market Your Documentation Group?

19th December 2013 Posted in Blog, Management 0 Comments

Image for How You Can Market Your Documentation Group Post

In times of stretched budgets and cost cutting, upper management is often looking for dead weight within the organization. Weeding out unnecessary functions can mean the difference between making a profit or operating in the red.

If your company ever finds itself in a position where it is looking to cut costs, it’s best to be prepared. How can you do that? By proving the value of your documentation group every day.

In his article, How to Market a Documentation Department, Robert King looks at specific ways to do just that. And by marketing your documentation group effectively, you’ll not only be able to show the value you bring to the table, you just may be rewarded with new opportunities for your department.

Read the article and then leave a comment here if you’d like to add your thoughts or offer some additional tips for getting the documentation or tech comm group out in front of the organization.

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