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Crossing the Content Divide: What to Expect on the Other Side

Editor’s Note: This was the feature article in this month’s TechCom Manager newsletter, reprinted here with permission. Click the previous link to subscribe to the newsletter.

by Rahel Bailie


Rahel Bailie

Traditionally, various types of communications professionals could, and did, work in silos. Marketing communicators worked with sales and marketing professionals, technical communicators worked with engineering professionals, social media communicators worked with community managers, and so on. Content was considered a byproduct of a larger process. Publishing content was simply the end point of a business process. How each camp handled content followed very different processes and used very different software.

In some ways, it’s still the same. However, there has been more recognition that different types of content are connected, and more cross-over as communicators move across disciplines. What ends up being a surprise is when communicators move to the other side of the house and discover that the amount of control they have over content is very different from what they’re used to. Here, we’ll look at the two fundamental differences between how content gets managed through content management systems, demystify the processes, and discuss how to work around some of the limitations.


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