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Measuring Technical Writer Productivity

Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, the images, charts, and tables were hosted on another site, which no longer exists, and over which we have no control. However, the link to download the spreadsheet (the click here link just before the PRODUCTIVITY IS RELATIVE heading) still works. The entire article, including images and tables, was available for STC members and once was publicly available in PDF format but is no longer available either.

by: Pam Swanwick and Juliet Wells Leckenby

Every manager struggles to balance writer workload and project capacity. A simple spreadsheet-based system can help you objectively evaluate assigned tasks, task time and complexity, special projects, and even writer experience levels to more accurately assess individual workload and capacity. The result is a simple but useful representational graph.

In addition to measuring current team capacity and productivity, this method also provides objective metrics to better estimate future project capacity and to support performance evaluations for individual writers.


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