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Reduce Your Risk with Medical Writers

27th November 2013 Posted in Blog, Medical Writers 0 Comments

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One of the biggest concerns when you’re writing or printing a medical article for an audience is its accuracy and its uniqueness.  If these are concerns that ring true for you, you may want to spend your labor budget on hiring proficient medical writers instead of using just any writer.

A medical writer is someone who is:

  • Trained – with a medical background, often in the specialty field about which they write.  When this is the case, you can count on helpful and accurate information.  Many of these writers will also know how to explain information in lay terms.
  • Resourceful – even if the medical writer isn’t completely knowledgeable about the topic, the writer has access to the resources needed to find information to support the writing.
  • (more…)

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Medical Writers Can Be the Prescription for Success

8th November 2013 Posted in Blog, Medical Writers 2 Comments

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If you’re a company in need of medical writing, you may not know where to begin.  Too often, organizations will rely on their internal team to help out, even though they may not be the best people for the job.  Instead, you can outsource medical writing to professionals who have written what you need written, and who have the experience to ensure your company looks its best.

Medical writers can help with the following needs:


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Health Communication: What Patients Need from Medical Writers

11th April 2012 Posted in Blog, Medical Writers 0 Comments
Chicago - Location of 2012 STC Summit

Medical writing isn’t just for the professionals in the healthcare field.  Patients rely on documentation about their disease and how to care for loved ones in health situations.  With well-written brochures and manuals, the patient can have something to turn to when they’re at home or in a hospital setting, helping them see if they’re on the road to recovery or if they need to check in with their healthcare provider.


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Do Medical Writers Change the World?

21st March 2012 Posted in Blog, Medical Writers 0 Comments
Image for Do Medical Writers Change the World

Many people may believe the pen is mightier than the sword, if the adage holds true, but many writers don’t realize their words can change the world.  With a high-quality medical writer, the fight for better health care and for better standards of practice can be won, or, at least, made clearer.

What a Medical Writer Can Do

Medical technical writers are in a unique position to create documents that will be used by medical professionals and educators.  With this role, they’re going to step into many different sub-roles, helping them complete various tasks:


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Join the Club? American Medical Writers Association

9th September 2011 Posted in Blog, Career Development, Medical Writers, Resources 0 Comments

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With all of the professional organizations out there, why would anyone want to join another? They cost money, they take up time, and, often, they present few rewards to technical writers. Until, now, that is. The American Medical Writers Association offers memberships to students and to medical writers, helping everyone stay connected and up to date on current medical writing practices.

Perhaps this is a membership with rewards.


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Nursing and Medical Writing: A Perfect Match?

15th March 2011 Posted in Blog, Medical Writers 0 Comments
Image for Nurses as Medical Writers

Medical writing can be the perfect second or supplementary career for nurses who don’t want to simply quit their job or retire.

While it certainly seems a nurse’s work is never done, some might want to use their skills in other careers. After all, you can’t lift patients out of beds forever. Once you’ve moved past a more physical nursing position, surely you can use other skills you’ve picked up along the way.

Not a Medical Mystery

Nurses have to chart the progress of patients as they care for them. In doing so, medical writing skills naturally develop:

  • Command of medical terms – Nurses begin to pick up the nuances in medical terminology the more they use these terms in charts, reports, progress notes, etc. While they might have the basics down at the start of their training, the learning process continues as they move between positions in a hospital or clinic.
  • Clarity of instructions – Since nurses’ notes need to be clear for others to read and use, writing clarity will improve. A nurse knows what they need to say for someone else to understand. They also understand the potential consequences for misinterpretation.
  • Certain formatting rules/style guidelines – Every hospital and clinic may use a different set of writing guidelines, causing a nurse to learn several systems throughout the course of a career and to begin to see the limits and the advantages of those systems.


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