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6 Reasons to Outsource Medical Communicatons


It’s no secret that pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life science companies are continuing to experience strong growth. But, as we all know, strong growth can put pressure on limited human resources. It can be especially difficult to maintain the level of in-house staffing to meet the ever growing communications needs of such companies.

Outsourcing can be a smart business strategy and is becoming an increasingly popular way to meet the human resources needs in bio-medical sciences.

In his article, Outsourcing Medical Communications, Clayton Luz, a veteran biomedical writer with over 25 years in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, discusses six primary benefits of outsourcing.

Read: Outsourcing Medical Communications and then leave a comment below with your thoughts. Are there additional benefits you’ve seen that aren’t discussed? Can you especially relate to one or more of those listed from your own experiences? Please leave a comment here with your thoughts.

How to Be a Better Negotiator

5th July 2014 Posted in Blog, Career Development 0 Comments


Everyone will need to negotiate at some point in their careers. For most of us, it will happen on a frequent basis. For many, daily.

No matter what you have to negotiate, would you rather have an advantage or lose your lunch in the process? Well, we didn’t think you’d prefer the latter.

In her article, Negotiation Techniques, Kerri Harris analyzes the five steps of the negotiation process and offers tips that can allow you to gain the upper hand the next time you’re faced with a challenging negotiation.

Read: Negotiation Techniques and then leave a comment below with your thoughts. Do you get white knuckle syndrome when you have to negotiate? Do you have additional tips or techniques that have worked for you that you’d like to share? (You can be anonymous so your opponents won’t know what you’ve been up to.) Please leave a comment here with your thoughts.